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  • Listening to: Emma!
  • Reading: Stuff White People Like
  • Watching: Toddlers and Tiaras
-I discovered Howard Stern!
-I met my friend Sarah! (aka "Chum")
-I took the bus by myself for the first time (I have gone with friends before) - I went down to Boston to visit Emma
-I was on time to most of my classes
-I met Carrie (coworker) and helped her plan/carry out the cat carnival (funny story, btw...)
-I lost weight and my skin is looking (somewhat) better than it has for awhile
-I (re)discovered my love of genetics, and am thinking about possibly becoming a genetics counselor...
-I fulfilled my language requirement!!!! (Thank you, Emma, that IS a big one!)
-I went on a few dates this summer! (And I still communicate frequently with the guy...) (And why do I feel like this is the thing people will find the most interesting?)
-I became Facebook friends with :iconshortwired:!
-In general, I just got my shit together more...

2011 was a pretty good year...


Count Olaf
United States

I am a 20-year-old, female college student - but that is the only identifying info I'm giving out right smack on the front of my DA page. The idea of being stalked, kidnapped and murdered doesn't appeal to me, thank you very much.

I have Asperger's Syndrome. I also have brown hair, a cell phone, a driver's license, and an interest in neuroscience. AS is just one part of who I am.

I am a clean-freak, but not a neat-freak. Yes, there is a difference.

I'd say I'm generally a good-tempered person - I try to get along with everyone, and there is nothing I hate more than when my friends fight with each other.

Likes: warm/dry/light places, color, chocolate, waffles, apples, food in general, hugs, true friends, Sudoku, art, reading, writing, researching my special interests (odd medical conditions, weird religious cults, etc.), genetics, science in general, (abnormal) psychology, forensic anthropology, poison dart frogs, the internet, that little red flag above my inbox indicating that I have new mail, my dog, relaxing, sleeping, order

Dislikes: cantaloupe, massages, Westboro Baptists, Brazilian waxes (the way they look, not the way they feel - I've never gotten one), loud/sudden noises, people who patronize me, cold weather, anything with a creamy/milky texture, germs, tedious tasks, Hitler (biggest example of fail EVER), intolerance of people who are "different", hypocrisy, being sleep-deprived, my skin, panic attacks, anything that's cold and/or damp

Fears: The dark (ironically I was not afraid of this when I was little), death, oil trucks (thank you, "Marathon Man"), train tracks (only when I'm driving though), catching a disease, germs

Women I most admire: Heather Kuzmich, Margaret Moth, Ladyhawke, Eleanor Roosevelt, Libba Phillips

Style inspirations: Rayanne Graff ("My So-Called Life"), Ladyhawke (singer)

-I've been described as "weird" and "bizarre"
-I am very bad at organizing myself
-I am a HUGE procrastinator - and yes, this does include getting back to people ... HOWEVER, a huge part of the reason I am on here, is to be social, so if I take awhile to get back to you ... it's me, not you
-Another huge part of the reason I am on here, is to show off my art, and to keep improving. So if you have feedback, please let me know - I like honesty! (But don't be mean, please. =p)

Welcome to my domain!

Current Residence: Earth
deviantWEAR sizing preference: small/medium
Favourite genre of music: My musical taste is quite eclectic...
Favourite cartoon character: Ray Gillette
Personal Quote: "Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting"

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